YMCA Homeless

At present, Dar Niki Cassar is home to between 25 to 30 individuals, 9 of which are young people aged under 18 years of age. These abused young people often find themselves in problematic situations and they are taken out of the family home by the state, spending their childhood and young teen years moving from one residential setting to another.

One of the biggest problems they are often faced with is what happens to them once they reach 18. While we strive to give these young people as much means and life skills as possible, usually they have nowhere to go as soon as this transition happens.

YMCA KIDS is working on a pilot project together with the Ministry for Family and Social Solidarity in order to target this problem and help ease a little bit of the hardship these young people are faced with.

YMCA and Isle Of MTV

MTA and MTVNE will be helping the YMCA Homeless Kids Project together with the help of Air Malta and G7.

Buy the Official Event T-Shirt

Air Malta has joined forces with the Isle of MTV to produce the official event T-shirts. These shirts will be sold before and during this year's show and proceeds from sales will be donated to YMCA Homeless to support this project.

Watch this space for more details!

Melita donates €10,000 in cash
to YMCA Homeless

Melita has stepped in to support homeless people in Malta by means of a €10,000 cash donation to fund the YMCA Homeless.

In addition, Melita supported YMCA Homeless through a food collection and fundraising event amongst its customers throughout December and January. The collection raised an additional €2000 through SMS donations from Melita clients as well as various food items to be used in the shelters operated by YMCA homeless. Read more »

YMCA Homeless helps adults, children and families in need. We have an emergency shelter for homeless adults and a shelter for homeless children. Nobody stays in our shelters for long: it is our job to help them back on their feet again as soon as possible. Furthermore, every day our social workers assist some 60 persons from all walks of life.

Professional services like these cost a lot of money - € 270,000 a year. The government funds a small portion of our operational costs. The rest always has to come from fund-raising campaigns and donations.