YMCA Homeless
About us

We believe that we have to work to create a trusting environment and we also have to help the person to discover what one really wants, to reflect on what one is doing in the present and to create a new plan to fulfill what they want in an effective way in the future and on a long-term basis.

We base our work on the premise that each and every person needs to feel loved and has the need to feel worthy. Of course people also require to have their basic needs met in order for them to move to higher order needs. YMCA provides basic shelter and nourishment to its clients and then we work on instilling in them a sense of hope for the future.

This is done by not focusing on the past but on working on what they want. Our clients are helped to assess their current behaviour and to see whether those actions will lead them to the fulfillment of their wants. It is thus why the past does not matter but there is more focus on the present and the future.