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Our new campaign: YMCA Homeless 365

YMCA Homeless helps adults, children and families in need. We have an emergency shelter for homeless people. Every day our social workers assist some 60 persons from all walks of life. Did you know that an average of 64 children a day are homeless? Very soon we hope to open a new shelter specifically to help children.

Professional services like these cost a lot of money - € 270,000 a year. The government funds about 15% of our operational costs. The rest always has to come from fund-raising campaigns and donations. For this new '365' campaign we need the help of 365 people just like you to help us for a bit more than a one-off donation, so that we can make financing of our services more sustainable.

How can you help? This campaign is calling on individual supporters to contribute one euro a day -the price of a cup of coffee- for a period of one year. All you have to do is call Maria or Roberta at YMCA Homeless, tel. 2122 8035, or send them an e-mail on info@ymcahomeless.org. They will explain what we can do with your help, and the support of 364 people more!