YMCA Homeless
Food and drink donation programme

We have the Food Budget Schemes where the client has accumulated a lot of debt with say Enemalta, Go or some other such corporation. We will negotiate on the client's behalf and reach an affordable settlement with the company. The client then begins to pay off the outstanding bill over the agreed time frame and the client attends update sessions at our offices. In turn the Client is allocated an amount of Food per month to help tide them over the financial burden of meeting the bill payments.

The food we have is all coming from donations. There is the Anglican Church in Valletta who gives us regular donations. We also organise meetings at different schools where an arrangement is made for these schools to collect for the YMCA. During some point of the collection, a YMCA staff member goes over and explains to the students what YMCA does and where the food that they have been collecting is going. The staff member also brings awareness of different current social issues and encourages the students to live a life of solidarity and unity.