YMCA Homeless

EU Food programme

From surplus stocks to emergency food supplies

It all started as a way use surplus farm stocks in the European Union. The idea was to distribute these stocks around the EU to the least fortunate people. For a while, it worked. But bit by bit, there were less surplus stocks and the number of people needing emergency food supplies was growing. The EU decided to expand the programme so that now other supplies can be bought in the market, such as rice, pasta, sugar. It is estimated that currently some 43 million people in member states cannot put a daily healthy meal on the table, which would include meat, chicken or fish. The EU allocated €500,000,000 to the programme, which has so far reached 13 million people.

As one of the 19 member states participating in the programme, Malta too has an emergency food distribution programme. YMCA has been put in charge of it. The EU, apart from supplying the food, pays for the costs of administration and transport.

The food is distributed to entities such as parishes and charitable organisations. In 2008, 300 tons of sugar, 20 tons of rice and 75 tons of pasta reached a staggering number of 19,000 people.

For more information about the programme, contact Roberta on 21240680.