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Melita donates €10,000 in cash to YMCA Homeless

February 20, 2013

Melita has stepped in to support homeless people in Malta by means of a €10,000 cash donation to fund the YMCA Homeless.

In addition, Melita supported YMCA Homeless through a food collection and fundraising event amongst its customers throughout December and January. The collection raised an additional €2000 through SMS donations from Melita clients as well as various food items to be used in the shelters operated by YMCA homeless.

The donation was presented by Melita's CEO Mr Andrei Torriani to Jean Paul Mifsud, Chairman of the YMCA Homeless.

"We are very grateful for Melita's support. Apart from providing free services at our shelters, Melita helped us in raising funds, food and awareness about our cause", commented Mr Mifsud.

The food collection was organised over the past two months with food collection boxes set up in Melita outlets. Melita also sent promotional leaflets to its customers to raise awareness about this initiative and used a significant amount of airtime on its own TV channels to bolster the campaign.

"The most vulnerable members of any society are the children, families and individuals who find themselves without a place to call home and access to meals. Homelessness may not be very visible in Malta, but it exists and is a challenge across all societies globally facing economic and social challenges. Melita is proud to extend its support and bring visibility to the YMCA's efforts to address this issue. Beyond Melita's financial and communication support, many of our staff contributed their time through participation in and promotion of food and financial donations. We will continue to support the YMCA and extend a thanks to the thousands who contributed to this effort over the holidays", added Mr Torriani.