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Homeless Personalities 2008

Once again it was time for the biggest YMCA fundraiser of the year: Homeless Personalities!

From Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd November, Republic Street in Valletta was the backdrop to a wide range of activities. Celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, sports, politics and the arts gave their time and energy, not to mention a good dose of patience, for the benefit of the Homeless Shelters run by YMCA.

One activity that tested the celebrities no end was the 'Jail and Bail' event. If you missed it: Malta's Good & Famous were locked up in a jail in the middle of Valletta. To get out, they had to raise at least €2,000 in donations - per person... Audrey Harrison and Nikita Alamango did very well here. Another activity, equally demanding, was the proper Homeless Personalities event itself: famous persons slept out in the rough to experience themselves what it is to be homeless. In the heavy winds and in the rain... Owen Bonnici, the PL MP managed to do it two nights in a row, while Kristina Casolani and DJ Toby were still rattling the tins at 2 a.m.!

Other activities were a Book Fair, which was very successful, a Cake Sale, Unplugged under the Stars and... 'Dining with the Stars', in which you could bid to have dinner with your favourite celebrity. Carrie Haber and Xandru Grech had bids placed. The meal's paid for by Il-Horza Restaurant in Valletta.

So who was taking part? In no particular order: Kristina Casolani, (Singer/songwriter), Carrie Haber, Aldo Busuttil (Singers), Andrea Cassar, Moira Delia, Ruth Frendo (TV Presenters), Audrey Harrison (Actress, model), Ian (L-Ispjun), Jean Paul Mifsud (YMCA, Wara l-Kaz), Fabian Scerri de Carlo (Actor), Ronald Briffa (Radio host), Xandru Grech (Sportsman), Immediate Denial (Rock band), Helena Dalli, Owen Bonnici (MPs), Nikita Alamango (PL executive), Ira Losco (singer) and DJ Toby.