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YMCA Homeless and Valletta Kreattiva

On the 20th of July 2007, YMCA Homeless, together with BOV Valletta Live, organised an open air gallery in Palace Square, Valletta.

The aim of this gallery, apart from providing local artists with an opportunity to display their work, was to raise funds in aid of YMCA Homeless.

Visitors were able to purchase exclusive artistic pieces on show by well established artists from around the island. A percentage of the proceeds was in aid of YMCA Homeless.

There were more than 30 artists with over 40 works of art.

Some of the exhibiting artists:

Jacqueline Agius, Kenneth Zammit Tabona, Angela Theuma, Henry Alamango, Denise Borg Millo, Josephine Attard, Mona Vella, Nello Micallef, Andrew Borg, Victoria Agius, Goran Cejcov, Jeni Caruana, Christine X, Arlette Zammit, Marisa Attard, Justine MB, Isabelle Borg, Albert Caruana, Mary Anne Zammit, Ethelbert Perini, Sarah Calleja, Anna Galea, Winston Hassall, Rosella Dalmas, Rita Agius, Marthese Vella, Jonathan Haber, Martin Bezzina Wettinger, James Vella Clark.

In the next column the works of some of the contributing artists are listed, with a link to an image of the artwork.

detail from Villa Bolino, by Kenneth Zammit Tabona Villa Bolino (detail)
Kenneth Zammit Tabona