Dar Niki Cassar
About Niki Cassar

“My dream was to teach and to share what I have gained.” - Niki Cassar.

This is what Niki believed in. And that is how he lived his life. Nikolai was an aid worker and one of the YMCA volunteers that worked to set up a homeless shelter and help socially disadvantaged people. He died in a motorcycle crash in Bali on the 19th of April 2003 at 29 years of age.

Niki was well-travelled and enjoyed giving to impoverished communities. He worked in the Andes of Peru, Bali, by promoting trade with Malta for Aw Tribu and the YMCA. Niki certainly did his bit, even if it constituted making a bit of extra money for the people of Peru and Bali by promoting the sale of traditional items to Malta.

Sometimes missionaries abroad, and simple helpers may get disheartened because they are far away from home and their vocations are not held in high regard by others. But Nikolai's death, however tragic, has shown that such people are remembered and appreciated. We understand that it may be easy to lose track of things because of politics, technology and everyday stress. But it is important to remember those Maltese people who have dedicated their lives to helping others. Nikolai was but one of them.