YMCA Homeless
Beneficiaries and services offered

YMCA addresses the needs of various client groups, ranging from troubled families, victims of domestic violence, homeless individuals, people living in substandard accommodation and so on.

YMCA Valletta staff is appositely composed of people coming from different professions mainly psychotherapy, social work, youth work, psychology and counselling. This variation is helpful not only in the generation of ideas but also in looking at our clients from more than one angle; from the psycho-social sphere.

The interventions we use are thus multi-faceted and depend on a variety of factors, including the person, one's needs, the context, their particular situation and our resources. Having different professionals co-ordinating this work is a strength, which we use in order to help our clients. The number of individuals assisted can be split up into two areas: Residential and Field Social Cases.

The difference between these two client groups is that Residential deals with clients making use of our shelter and social work services whilst Field Cases make use of social work services.