Dar Niki Cassar

YMCA's base is in Valletta. YMCA operates from two centres. The premises in Merchants' Street are a drop-in centre, where people with difficulties can visit with the aim of being helped. Dar Niki Cassar, also in Valletta is a shelter for people who are homeless.

YMCA offer the following services: psychotherapy, social work, youth work, advocacy in psycho-social factors such as housing, legal matters, matrimony and counselling.

YMCA also assists disadvantaged groups and individuals in the allocation of food, clothing and furniture which would have been donated by the general public.

The interventions we use are thus multi-faceted and depend on a variety of factors, including the person, one's needs, the context, their particular situation and our resources. Having different professionals co-ordinating this work is a strength, which we use in order to help our clients.

The philosophy of YMCA Malta is conformant with the international stance, but has added on some factors, which make it conformant with the local environment. It states that there should be focus and attention to the body, mind and spirit of the person.

We believe that we have to work to create a trusting environment and we also have to help the person to discover what one really wants, to reflect on what one is doing in the present and to create a new plan to fulfill what they want in an effective way in the future and on a long-term basis.