YMCA Homeless
Social work

At YMCA our Field Generalist Team works with a huge variety of different cases. Clients that each have their own individual story and life experience. We deal with issues ranging from: Homelessness, Poverty, Domestic Violence, Addictions, Usury, Mental Health, Child Abuse, Unemployment, Education, Forensic, Legal, Immigration, Housing and so on.

Our main aim is to help the individual to reach their often hidden potential and to help the client to help themselves. Without this type of approach we would be only plugging holes and not helping the person to challenge the very pattern that is keeping them stuck. We work mostly towards "teaching people to fish for themselves" even though we occasionally give them the "fish" ourselves.

Our work varies from individual sessions with the clients, phone calls or visits to other agencies or organisations, writing of letters on behalf of our clients and liasing with different professionals for the improvement of the client's situation.

We also assist in the running of Children's sessions where children come and have fun in a creative way. Sessions are held weekly and include mostly Arts and Crafts and Games.