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The story of George


George was a separated man of 49 years, with 3 children in care. He came to seek the help of YMCA some months ago. He was gainfully employed and settled. He paid all his bills, kept appointments, regularly went to see his children in care and always did his best for them.

Some months back, because of a court case, he was asked to leave his job. To make matters worse, he could not receive Social Benefits. George had been constantly looking for employment, both with the help of YMCA staff and also on his own personal initiative, but he had not been successful.

The problems we identified
  • Unemployment
  • Lack of stable housing
  • Suspension of benefits
  • Poverty
  • Child issues
  • Anger management/depression
The actions that were taken
  • Searched on the ETC website, newspapers and other media for work. Working to get in touch with ETC scheme for social inclusion (older unemployed people). Called personally for some of them and gave a good reference for others.
  • Liased with Housing Authority regarding fixed accommodation which resulted in George being allocated a home in Valletta.
  • Corresponded with various agencies including Public Service Commission, ETC, Department of Social Security, Office of the Prime Minister, Social Assistance Board and various other agencies.
  • Various food donations. Liased with Community Chest Fund for furniture and appliance support. Worked with Catholic Action on monetary and food donations.
  • Obtained some sweets and a cake for one of the children's birthday. Offered the opportunity to utilise the YMCA Centre for Children's Activities. Support sessions with client regarding the emotional distress caused by having the children in care. One of them is actually at the MCH Young Person's Unit.