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Mother in hospital, child in a home?


Stephanie's mother had been admitted to Mount Carmel Hospital (a mental health facility) on the previous day after having been seen by Dr. Jurgen from the Floriana Polyclinic. The admission was not an isolated incident as she had a history of manic depression of many years.

This case came to our attention at YMCA when the mother turned up at the Studio of Xarabank (a popular local TV programme in which social issues are discussed), on broadcast night to speak to Jean Paul Mifsud who apart from working on this TV show is also Chairman of YMCA. As our organisation has a social work program and since our offices are situated in the Valletta area the case was passed on to our Team so that we could monitor the progress in this case and ensure the well being of Stephanie, who is 11 years old.

Stephanie is currently living with her uncle and aunt who were rather wary of the child becoming subject to a care order.

The problems we identified
  • Child welfare
  • Situation of the mother who was in a mental hospital
The actions that were taken
  • Home visits to assess the environment the child was living in.
  • Correspondence and liaison with Child Protection Services of Appogg.