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Nadia... a young mother


Nadia was a 22-year-old married mother of a 1-year-old daughter. Her partner was 25 and an unemployed construction worker.

Nadia's situation

Nadia had been married for 2 years but throughout that time her and her partner had lived apart through lack of appropriate accommodation. She had been staying at her mother's place in Valletta. Nadia needed to remain in Valletta due to the fact that she works at Malta Maritime and needs to be close to her mum's place due to childcare issues i.e. babysitting by her mum while she is at work. She had found the job through The Eden Foundation whom she had been involved with for some time.

Nadia felt that it was far from ideal that her husband, the father of her child, was not around to see their kid grow up and this was why she got in touch with YMCA. Initially she asked if we knew of any accommodation she might be able to rent and to contact her should we hear of anything suitable. YMCA also offered to help out with any furniture she might need once she did find a place.

The problems we identified
  • Homelessness
  • Furniture support
  • Learning difficulties of Nadia
  • Wellbeing of the family
  • Unemployment of husband
  • Need of ongoing support due to disability
  • Emergency support due to suicidal ideation
The actions that were taken
  • Helped client to find appropriate accommodation at an extremely reasonable rent.