Being a volunteer

YMCA Valletta is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) where the majority of the work is done by volunteers who offer their skills and free time for the mission of YMCA.

The volunteers at YMCA offer their time in various services including:
  • children activities
  • fund raising events
  • educational events
  • cultural events
The volunteers in YMCA are the proof that who gives without expecting anything in return finishes up to gain much more than he gave. In fact the experience of the volunteers at YMCA is that through the experience the volunteer is simultaneously helping himself in developing his own personality.

This development is enhanced by various training opportunities which the YMCA gives to its volunteers through its contacts with the European Alliance of YMCAs. This is the European committee which gathers all European YMCA under one umbrella, so together all YMCAs move on towards a common goal with a common strategy. Such training courses would also be funded from YMCA and are held in a European country.

People who are interested in becoming YMCA volunteers are urged to contact YMCA Valletta premises on tel. 21240680 during office hours.