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Youth Programmes

We have the following youth programmes at YMCA:

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You can also check out this great website of the YMCA Youth Centres.

Talks in Youth Centres

It is the mission of YMCA to promote its teachings and services especially with young people. Therefore YMCA staff and volunteers make it a must to deliver talks in various Youth Centres around Malta. During these sessions young people will interact with each other and experience the YMCA spirit and also learn about the opportunities that YMCA can offer them.

Talks in Schools

As part of the Youth Program development YMCA Staff and volunteers visit various schools to educate young people by means of informal sessions on the YMCA teachings and services done in Malta. Apart from this one can join our team of volunteers to contribute to these talks or help the work of YMCA. In fact if you feel motivated you can encourage your colleagues and friends to become volunteers with YMCA or else one can also do a school project for YMCA thus creating a YMCA school task team.

Summer Clubs for Young People

Don’t know what to do with your time during holidays? Would you like to spend some time with children instead of sitting in front of the computer or playstation the whole time?

Here is your opportunity to add variety and excitement to your holidays and a chance to improve your life!


Be part of the community and enjoy what we come up with for you!

Be a responsible senior guide for younger kids, take care of them and create your own activities for your assigned youngsters.

Organize bonfires, night walks and travel to fun and interesting places.

Educational & cultural events

There is so much to learn about the world, especially when it comes to the growing social sector in Malta.

From time to time we organize meetings, talks and round-table groups to teach and transmit knowledge and skills in subjects like cultural and social engagement, and fundraising.

As well as the educational part, we like to create small-band festivals or just try to help an upcoming new band of any kind to get their first gig, especially by helping them to find venues.


Be part of it and learn!

Have you studied one of the subjects mentioned? Then maybe you would like to create your own course with the support and help of the YMCA.

Guitar Lessons

The idea of guitar lessons at the YMCA is to give young people the opportunity to express themselves through music.

This activity is step further towards the creation of the Maltese Tancing Group. This is a group of young people that develop and express the YMCA spirit through dancing, singing and drama. This can be done in various ways.

YMCA Malta is presently presenting dancing through guitar playing. The group aims to take part in international YMCA activities and especially at one blockbuster of ETS 2011 Festival happening in Germany.

Anyone who would like to join is encouraged to do so by contacting Mario Saliba or the main office and leaving your telephone number.

Youth Exchanges

Are you looking for an opportunity to get off the island? Here's one!

Yearly, youth exchanges take place all over the world as part of the YMCA. In general, you get in contact with young people from another country. YMCA takes care of all the administration and organisation and you both switch places.

This project has been especially created for those who want to get to know different cultures and meet interesting people for 3 months away from their home country. You will also learn a lot about yourself. It is an experience you will never forget.

Voluntary Experience abroad

Have you finished school and are you looking for a break after listening for years to your teachers? Are you about to enter the normal middle class life or are you seeking something more? Then take the opportunity to carry real responsibility somewhere else in the world, where you can make a lasting impact by your way of doing things and by using your skills and abilities. Nearly every door is open to you. The only thing you have to look for are the YMCA organisations in the countries that you want to visit.

VfE is the international volunteer service and exchange programme of YMCA Europe. The programme is operating through VfE Co-ordinators in each YMCA National Movement. It's great that you are interested in such an exciting challenge and most beneficial experience! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Maltese VfE Co-ordinator Mario Saliba (tel. 21 228 038). More about this programme here.


TEN SING means "teenager singing".

In TEN SING young people between 13 and 19 meet once a week to create a concert consisting of choir, dance, drama and band. The show-topic is chosen by the TEN SINGers themselves and reflects on issues they find important, like love, friendship, future, racism and others.

The show is only the result that is presented, but the process is even more important for the group. It means to experience community, participate in common activities, have fun and celebrate Jesus Christ. In Germany there are about 120 TEN SING-groups with about 5000 participants.

The slogan "Surprise Yourself" describes the concept of TEN SING: Every participant is encouraged to discover and use their talents. A lot of TEN SINGers are surprised when they first notice their hidden competences…

Information about the festival will be linked as soon as it is available. More info here.


YMCA through its international network gives the opportunity to young people to attend various youth and cultural festivals around Europe. These festivals are organised by various different countries by YMCA and usually have reduced prices for volunteers and participants. Moreover they can also be a great opportunity for upcoming bands and artists to perform in these festivals. One can mention the European Tensing Festival held in various countries around Europe, YMCA Europe Festival held every five years in Prague and Kulpin Fest held annually in Serbia. Check this website for updates and the YMCA Europe website on www.ymcaeurope.com for any updates or contact Mario Saliba on 21228038 or email for more details.

Leadership Training

As part of the network of YMCA and its international contacts YMCA offers the opportunity of various leadership training courses. These trainings can be based on various subjects such as sports, music, drama and spirituality. These courses are offered to dedicated staff and promising volunteers and also to those interested after a selection process has taken place. One is encouraged to check this website for updates and the YMCA Europe website on www.ymcaeurope.com for any updates or one can contact Mario Saliba on 21228038 or email.

Systems of Knowledge Assignments (student placements)

Are you searching for a topic to accomplish your 'Systems Of Knowledge' assignment?

At YMCA there are a lot of opportunities to do so. The occupying fields we can offer reaches from projects that were created by the students themselves, to projects, which we already have in stock. We would be happy to help you with your assignments.

Nevertheless, most of the work is still up to you. We will provide knowledge and advises, but in general we are just supporters of the ideas you coming up with.

Have you got interested in realizing your SoK at YMCA? So establish contact by calling the main office and leaving your telephone number.

University Student placements

YMCA VALLETTA gives the opportunity to students reading for a degree in Social Work and related social sciences to do voluntary work placements in part fullfilment of their studies. These could be various projects or voluntary work based on hours according to the requirements of the University course being taken. Interested students should contact Mario Saliba on email or on telephone 21228038.

Language School Volunteering placements

If you are looking for an Internship in Malta, then Martin and Valerie want to say Hello to you. Valerie comes from France and Martin from Germany.

We are both engaged here since nearly 3 weeks now. YMCA trainees are usually responsible for welcoming people that enter the drop-in. As well as the welcoming part, we take care of answering incoming telephone calls and helping the administration with their daily work.

Mario, our CEO, is open to new ideas and will provide you with all support he can offer. If you are also interested in social interaction, you can help the children in the church near the main-entrance to Valletta with their homework, in cooperation with other students of Malta, guided by the Valletta community network.

We both can really recommend this organization to you for doing an internship! :)


YMCA is always in need of volunteers. One can volunteer in various ways to help the work of YMCA. We accept young people and also those young in spirit from all of walks of life. Moreover volunteers can be also foreign people who would like to do a volunteer experience in Malta. Volunteers can help in both YMCA programmes being in the social service area and the youth programme services. Being a volunteer with YMCA is a great experience and also provides various training opportunities with the YMCA international network. Anyone who is interested can contact Mario Saliba on telephone number 21228038 or on email.